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  What Unity of Honor is all about:

1. Code of conduct -  UoH members are to conduct themselves in a mature and respectable manner at all times while playing Lineage II. This means our members do not cause grief to other players, we do not talk "trash".

2. Equality -   Every member in Unity of Honor is an equal.

3. Unity -   UoH is not just a guild, we are a family. And family will do anything they can to help each other.

4. Loyalty -  Do not join UoH unless you intend to stay with us till the end.

5. Sieging -  Sieging is a big part of Lineage and it's alot of fun. Unity of Honor intends to own a castle someday, however there is no rush, we will siege when we are fully prepared, no sooner. If you are bloodthirsty and enjoy sieging whenever possible then UoH is not the guild for you, we will only siege to gain control of and protect our castle, and to aid our allies.

6. Guild events -  Guild hunts and events will be very common, all members are encouraged to attend if possible.

7. Roleplaying -   Roleplaying is not required, but is definitely encouraged. If you choose not to roleplay please respect the fact that others do enjoy roleplaying.  

8. Guild funds - UoH members will not be asked to donate to our guild fund, however we will need funds to purchase a Guild house, fund sieges, etc. So if you are in a generous mood don't hesitate to donate.

9. Disagreements -   If you have a dispute with someone outside the guild keep it in private chat and try to resolve things in an intelligent manner, calling someone names just makes you and the rest of UoH look bad. If someone is name calling you then you can either report them to a GM, or /ignore, childish bickering and name calling is not honorable.

10. PvP rules -  Unity of Honor is a lawful guild. This means we do not kill random people. So if running around slaughtering helpless newbs is what you enjoy then this is not the guild for you. However killing newbies that are being annoying(begging, spamming, etc.) is perfectly ok.

11. Unity of Honor -  is not just a name, all members are to be united and honorable at all times, anything less is unacceptable.

  If you've read all of the above and feel Unity of Honor is the guild for you then please email:

Please list your reasons for wanting to join Unity of Honor and why you'd be a good fit. What do you expect out of a guild? Are you willing to pledge your undying loyalty to us?